Drive Safely with Motorcycles on the Road

Try out these suggestions to help you safely share the road with motorcyclists. Summer is officially here and  temperatures are on the  rise as well as tempers.  While it’s a motorcyclist’s responsibility to take safety precautions, as a driver, you should also take steps to ensure their safety.  While having the right auto insurance is a good place to start,

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Driving in Bad Weather

No matter how much driving experience you have, you should always remember this thumb rule: Never drive faster than what is safe for the current conditions. Even the most cautious motorists can experience difficulties. Bad weather can lead to a rapid change in road conditions and anxious travelers. Speed is a major factor Speed-related crashes cost Americans $40.4 billion each

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Insurance Terms Made Easy

Here are some of the most commonly-used insurance terms defined for your convenience. Your insurance is difficult enough to understand without the added confusion of unfamiliar industry jargon.  If you’ve struggled with unfamiliar insurance terms in the past, then you’re not alone.  To help, here are the definitions of some of the most commonly-used insurance terms. Additional Insured– Any person

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Know Your Insurance Coverage

What is auto insurance? Auto insurance is  required by the vast majority of the states and this furnishes you with some monetary assurance if there should be an occurrence of a mishap or any hardship. Various sorts of Auto insurance: Property: This incorporates misfortunes, for example, harm to or burglary of your car. Liability: This incorporates your official duty to others for

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What You Need to Know Before Renewing Your Auto Insurance

Here’s what you need to know before renewing your auto insurance. The start of the new year means that it might soon be time to start thinking about renewing your auto insurance.  However, before your insurer sends you your policy renewal information, there are some things that you need to know.  Here are some questions you should ask before you

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The Importance of a Year-End Insurance Review

Here are some reasons why conducting a year-end review of your insurance is so important. Come December, many of us are making resolutions and looking forward to what the new year holds.  However, before you get too caught up in all the excitement and planning, it’s important to stop and take a moment to review your various insurance policies.  Not

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How to Choose the Right Car for Your Teen

Making these decisions will help you choose the right car for your teen driver. Want to surprise your teen with their very own car this holiday season?  Then it’s important that you choose the car that best meets their needs.  But where should you begin in your search for the perfect vehicle?  Here are some considerations that will help you

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Prepare Your Teen for These Unexpected Driving Situations

Teach your teen these unexpected skills so they’re ready for the open road. While your teen might feel pretty confident about their driving abilities, you know that they have a lot to learn before they are great drivers.  To help your child get more confident behind the wheel teach your teen these unexpected skills. How to Drive in Bad Weather

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Car Insurance Mistakes that Could Cost You

Don’t overpay for your car insurance; avoid these costly car insurance mistakes. While dealing with your car insurance can be tedious, it’s important that you don’t cut corners.  If you rush or handle things haphazardly, then your wallet might suffer.  To make sure you are getting the most out of your auto policy, avoid these costly car insurance mistakes. Buying

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